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Suspension Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai

Suspension Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai – Vibromag Industries

Suspension Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai We Vibromag Industries are offering here the Suspension Magnet that extracts occasional tramp iron from a conveyed product stream on a conveyor belt or vibratory feeder. The Magnet block suspends above a conveyor with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct angle for optimum extraction. It is a type of suspension system where the shock absorbers reacts to the road and adjusts much faster than regular absorbers. The suspensions use an electronic current to send a voltage into an electromagnet within the shock absorber. An offered Suspension Magnet is made for use in various applications as per the need. It is highly useful.

Our Vibromag Industries Backed with the experienced engineers who are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the best quality of Suspended Magnet which is used to separate ferrous metal from the conveyor belts or from sloping chutes. Our range of magnetic equipment is among the best that is available in the industry. We have a range to suit all kinds of industry requirements and products. The Suspended magnet is an effective oil-cooled electromagnetic plate magnet, Suspended over the past on item stream.

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The Magnet Maestros: Crafting Excellence in Suspension

Suspension magnets are particularly intended for the extraction of incidental drifter iron from an item stream being passed on by a transport line or vibratory feeder. The magnet is suspended over a transport with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct for ideal extraction.

Suspension magnets which are generally utilized over transports to trap hints of ferrous particles. Expulsion of ferrous particles will alleviate the procedure stream of contaminants just as ensure different pieces of the hardware from harm.

The suspended magnet can be introduced over any working procedure line without causing changes to the current set to up. Every one of that must be done is suspend it from above with the assistance of the suspension chains attached in it to such an extent that most extreme nearness is achieved. Work starts naturally and separation is accomplished.

A couple of the important features are, Non cumber stone establishment Sturdy structure to perform proficiently in rough condition.

No power required for permanent suspension magnet.
Varying widths accessible to suite transport
Self-cleaning models are additionally accessible.

Recognizing the adequacy and simple establishment of suspended magnets they have been introduced in enterprises like food creation, foundry, chemical, fertilizer, gypsum, metals and so forth.

Features of Suspension Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai

  • Robust industrial design
  • Manufactured to customer specification
  • Powerful performance due to deep magnetic field
  • Easily installed
  • No power required


The Suspension Magnet is a predominant magnet which is suspended over a passing on framework that is a piece of the creation line and conveys the feed to the following procedure. While setting up the Suspension Magnet it should be ensured that the entrance is helpful to complete upkeep process at normal stretches. It should be doubly guaranteed that indispensable parts like pulleys and idler roller are not magnetized by the working of the Suspension Magnet.

The Suspension Magnet comes in two models (I) Manual cleaning (ii) Self-cleaning


As the name passes on the manual cleaning technique includes work to evacuate the gathered containment, for all intents and purposes this model of Suspension Magnet is fitting for establishment in process lines where contamination of iron is small else cleaning would expend a ton of time and postpone the production.


These are Suspension Magnet which takes to programmed cleaning of tramp iron with a total set up of working parts to encourage ceaseless cleaning. These Self-cleaning models of Suspension Magnet are suggested in applications that include enormous information sources and simultaneously the degree of ferrous contamination is additionally high.

Our Product :

Conveyor Magnetic SeparatorMagnetic Drum SeparatorOverband Magnetic SeparatorCircular Vibrating ScreenMagnetic Sheet SeparatorSuspension MagnetMagnetic GrillMagnetic Floor Sweeper


We were looking for a solution to improve the safety of our Suspension magnet process, and the magnetic suspension delivered beyond our expectations.

It’s a reliable and user-friendly tool that has reduced the risk of injuries associated with manual Suspension magnet. Highly recommended!

The versatility and adjustability of our suspension magnetic separator have been invaluable. It has truly streamlined our operations.

Our magnetic sheet separator has made sheet handling an effortless task. The magnetic forces create a perfect gap between sheets, making it easy to pick and place them without any hassle.


A Suspension Magnet is a type of magnetic separator designed to be suspended above a conveyor belt to remove ferrous contaminants from conveyed material. It uses a powerful magnet to attract and hold ferrous particles, preventing them from contaminating the downstream processes.

A Suspension Magnet, typically installed over a conveyor belt, generates a strong magnetic field. As materials pass beneath it, the magnet attracts and holds ferrous particles. The contaminants are lifted and separated from the non-magnetic materials, preventing them from continuing down the conveyor.

Suspension Magnets are commonly used in industries such as mining, recycling, aggregate processing, and bulk handling, where continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from conveyed material is essential to protect downstream equipment.

Yes, Suspension Magnets can handle varying material sizes as long as the size of the ferrous particles is within the specified working range of the magnet. Adjustments can often be made to accommodate different conveyor belt widths and material sizes.

Yes, variations exist, including electromagnetic and permanent magnet suspension magnets. The choice between them depends on factors such as the application, the level of magnetic separation required, and power consumption considerations.

Maintenance requirements are generally low. Regular checks for wear and tear, proper alignment, and monitoring the magnetic strength are common practices. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and operation.