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Magnetic Grill Manufacturers in Chennai – Vibromag Industries

Magnetic Grill Manufacturers in Chennai – Vibromag Industries, We are sanctified with a team of adroit professionals who work in Magnetic Grill Manufacturers in Chennai, with one another to execute all the business actions of our business without any hassle. Our procuring agents make sure that the material acquired for the products are from consistent vendors. Further, our highly qualified quality inspectors test the manufactured products on diverse limitation to make sure their obedience to the set industry standards and quality norms.

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Magnetic Fusion – Where Style Meets Sizzle on the Grill

Backed by the sound industry experience, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying our clients with comprehensive assortment of Magnetic Grills. This manufactured Magnetic Grill is utilized for removing of iron particles mixed with dry, granular or free flowing material. These magnetic grills is used in or below hoppers, catch bins, floor opening and many other locations to protect processing equipments and make sure product purity. It is used for high level of protection.

Magnetic Fusion – Where Style Meets Sizzle on the Grill

Designed primarily for installing in hoppers for removing small ferrous metal particles from granular materials and free-flowing powders, these grill magnets are highly durable in their construction. Vibromag Industries is one of the renowned Grill Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai. They can be manufactured to any shape or size and can be simply placed below or inside the hoppers, in-floor openings & closed chutes, catch bins, and such locations. The open grate magnets can be availed in different shapes such as square, round, and rectangular to fit your requirements. Get Industrial Magnetic Grill from us at highly affordable prices.

Magnetize Your Culinary Experience: Leading Magnetic Grill Innovations

We are broadly engaged in manufacturing and supplying our clients with high quality of Magnetic Grills. Our manufactured Magnetic Grills are widely used for separation of iron particles mixed with dry, granular or free flowing material. These types of magnetic grills are used in or below hoppers, catch bins, floor opening and many other locations to protect processing equipments and remove ferrous particles from the material.

We design and manufacture the Magnetic grill by use of best quality of stainless steel frames with the help of Magnetic Rods within the framework. It is available in square, round and rectangle shape as per client requirements.

Salient Features:

  • Customizable Design(Square, Round, Rectangular)
  • Resistance Against Abrasion
  • Magnetic Intensity up to 12000 Gauss Power
  • The frame construction in S.S. 304 or S.S. 316 is available.
  • Easy to Install

Benefits Of Buying Our Quality Grill Magnets:

  • High Protection Level – For a higher level of protection, we can also manufacture double and triple banked grids.
  • Powerful Magnets –Grill Magnet comes with either ferrite or rare earth magnets of high-intensity, which are perfect for fine ferrous particles.
  • Consistent Performance – The magnets retain their power throughout their lifetime ensuring consistent performance with all products.

Find The Best Grill Magnets With Us

We are one of the trustworthy Grill Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai. We have a broad product portfolio that enables us to handle bulk requirements effortlessly. You can send your enquiry for a quick discussion.

Our Product :

Conveyor Magnetic SeparatorMagnetic Drum SeparatorOverband Magnetic SeparatorCircular Vibrating ScreenMagnetic Sheet SeparatorSuspension MagnetMagnetic GrillMagnetic Floor Sweeper


The automated magnetic grill we implemented has taken our automation efforts to the next level.

A reliable and efficient solution for any high-volume manufacturing environment. It seamlessly integrates into our Magnetic Grill production.

We appreciate the low maintenance requirements of our magnetic grill. It consistently delivers high performance without demanding constant attention.

Before using the magnetic grill. This tool has effectively solved that problem, making it easy to handle weightless magnetic grill without any issues. A simple yet incredibly effective solution.


A Magnetic Grill is a type of magnetic separator designed to capture and remove ferrous contaminants from free-flowing products such as powders, granules, and liquids. It consists of magnetic tubes or grids arranged in a grid pattern, allowing material to flow through while capturing magnetic particles.

A Magnetic Grill works by utilizing high-strength magnetic tubes or grids. As material flows through the grill, ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic surface and held in place. Cleaned material continues its flow, while the captured contaminants remain on the surface of the magnetic tubes, preventing them from entering downstream processes.

Magnetic Grills are commonly used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics, and various powder handling applications where the removal of ferrous contaminants is crucial to maintain product quality and prevent damage to machinery.

Yes, many Magnetic Grills are designed to handle wet materials, making them suitable for applications where the material being processed has a high moisture content.

Yes, variations exist, including round magnetic grills, square magnetic grills, and designs with different tube configurations. The choice depends on factors such as the application, material characteristics, and the level of magnetic separation required.

Consider factors such as the type of material being processed, flow rate, particle size, and the degree of magnetic susceptibility. Consulting with a magnetic separation expert can help determine the most suitable Magnetic Grill for your specific needs.