Circular Vibrating Screen

VIBROMAG circular vibrating screen, specially designed for all types of screening operations. A specially designed unbalanced vibrating motor is fitted to the base of vibrating screen assembly. The motor is provided with eccentric weights on both the ends of shaft. The whole vibrating assembly is supported in a frame with the heavy springs. Decks having screens of various mesh sizes are properly secured in place on the bottom deck with the help of clamps. Each deck is individual unit and can be placed on top of another deck. Number of decks can be varied depending upon screening requirement.

Antiblinding arrangement can be provided at the bottom of each deck to prevent blinding of screen holes by the material.


The material to be screened is fed into the top deck of the vibrating screen. The material passes through the screen wire mesh. Oversize particles remains on the top of the screen cloth. These particles move towards the periphery of the screen due to the vibrations created by unbalanced vibrating motor and flow out through the discharge outlet. The screened material get fall on the top of bottom deck. This material also moves towards periphery and flows out through the discharge outlet.

The material movement towards periphery can be controlled by adjusting the angle between the top and bottom eccentric weights as the adjustment of angle leads to different flow patterns.


  • Circular, floor mounted.
  • Quick and easy change over of decks.
  • Optional dust cover to prevent dust.
  • Multideck construction.
  • Variable output by simple adjustment of unbalanced weights mounted on motor shaft.
  • Screen cloth : G.I/ SS 304 / SS316
  • Decks made out of MS / SS304 / SS316
  • No transmission of vibrations of floor.
  • No foundation is required.
  • Uniformly tensioned screens ensure maximum screening efficiency.