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Magnetic separator has changed the world, and is answerable for product and food safety guidelines that we now and then underestimate. Because of the developments of magnet applications, we can eat food and use products that are liberated from risky materials. Magnetic separation likewise shields your equipment from genuine harm by keeping the line clear of unsafe metal scraps. Regardless of whether you're in the Food, Dairy, Grain and Milling, Chemical, Plastics, Oil, Textile, Recycling, Powder and Bulk, Mining, or the Non-Woven industries, magnetic separation applications are critical to the achievement of your business.


There is a wide determination of magnetic that is utilized in the following industries: Recycling; Aggregate, Mining and Minerals; Grain and Milling; Food Production; Plastics; Non-Woven; and Powder and Bulk. Picking the right magnetic separator will rely upon the kind of material being handled and the system you are running the material through.

Drawer Magnets are best for gravity flow applications and are utilized for easy-flowing, dry material. They are regularly utilized in the Recycling, Food, Powder and Bulk, and Plastics enterprises to eliminate fine drifter metal pollutants. Cabinet magnets are accessible in utility, food, and sterile development grades with different cleaning choices and stainless steel housings.

Drum Magnets are utilized for a wide range of free-streaming mass and granular materials in high-volume applications. They give nonstop expulsion of ferrous pollutants, and are utilized in the Plastics, Recycling, Grain and Milling, Powder and Bulk, and Aggregate, Mining and Minerals businesses.

Plate Magnets eliminate unsafe materials from powdery, wet, uneven and grating products, just as from large debris that may stifle, scaffold, or cause quick wear in cartridge-based separators. Best for gravity free-fall applications, plate magnets can be effortlessly installed in chutes to eliminate ferrous fines and huge bits of drifter iron. Plate magnets can likewise be installed above or below conveyor drive pulleys to catch toxins as materials drop from open belts. They are utilized for dealing with more abrasive products, and are frequently utilized in the Plastics, Recycling, Food, Grain and Milling, and Powder and Bulk businesses.

In-Line Magnets are designed for unhampered product flow. They are normally furnished with uncommon earth magnets and are best utilized for products with somewhat clumpy flow. In-line magnets are commonly utilized in the Plastics, Recycling, Food, Grain and Milling, and Powder and Bulk businesses.

Hump Magnets are utilized for high-volume product flow in the Food, Grain and Milling, Powder and Bulk, and Non-Woven businesses. They increase insurance against entrapped ferrous materials, while helping prevent develop and connecting of bigger products.

Grate Magnets are utilized in applications for the Plastics, Food, Grain and Milling, and Powder and Bulk businesses. They can be installed in containers, pits, chutes, housings, and canisters to eliminate tramp metals from bigger flowing materials.

Wedge Magnets are installed in limited, vertical, or steeply slanted chutes in gravity flow applications. They shield pellet factories and other equipment from harm brought about by tramp metals. Wedge magnets are utilized in the Grain and Milling industry to deal with particulate or semi-strong materials.

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