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What Is A Suspension Magnet?

One of the magnetic separators used to remove tramp iron from a product stream, such as a conveyor belt or vibratory feeder, is a suspension magnet. It is mostly used for goods transported by conveyor belt. For products with low contamination, suspension magnet is strongly advised.

Suspension Magnetic Separators

Suspension magnets are made to be placed over machinery like vibratory feeders, gravity chutes, and conveyor belts. These suspension magnetic separators make improved tramp metal extraction from material being processed on many types of equipment possible by using non-degrading, high power ceramic magnets. These permanent suspension magnets operate without wires or connections, in contrast to electromagnetic devices.

Once installed, the suspension magnetic separator removes ferrous contaminants from the product stream and traps them against the magnet's face until they are manually cleansed. There are options to make cleaning simpler, such as optional swipe arms and sliding plates. These accessories help with cleaning by removing the need for personnel to handle the removed tramp metal, increasing facility safety and simplifying cleaning.

Working Theory:

The suspension magnet is mounted above the conveyor belt or at the head pulley's discharge. Metal impurities are dragged out of the product each time it is exposed to the magnet. Throwing freely flowing material into the front side of the magnet will improve the separation outcome. A suspension magnet can be pulled away from the conveyor to be manually cleaned by being suspended from a moving trolley.

The iron ions are simply drawn to it and pushed by pushers out of the magnetic field. The iron-containing particles fall into a collecting device after leaving the magnetic field. The iron ions are simply drawn to it and pushed by pushers out of the magnetic field.

The installation of suspension magnetic separators

The magnet is suspended above the machinery when suspension magnetic separators are installed, and it is crucial that the sling chains position the magnet face at the ideal extraction angle. Every suspension magnet is equipped with a set of sturdy adjustable suspension chains that are fastened to suspension lugs. Both an inclined design over the head pulley and a straightforward horizontal arrangement are options for suspending suspension magnets.

To enable more effective extraction, it is advised that these magnets be mounted over the head pulley. This is so that the magnet can be placed nearer to the surface of the material being processed as there is no belt troughing. However, if this setup is adopted, the suspension magnet's head pulley must be made of a non-ferrous material.

Permanent suspension magnetic separators are generally less expensive to buy, run, and maintain than electromagnetic devices. They also have the added advantages of being nearly flame proof, corrosion, and moisture resistant. Cleaning is still straightforward and easy even though a permanent suspension magnet cannot be moved and demagnetized to enable the release of extracted tramp metal the way an electro suspension magnet can. Permanent suspension magnetic separators are frequently installed by suspending them from a portable cart so they may be moved away from the conveyor and manually cleaned.

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