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The suspension magnet is installed at the release of the head pulley or over the conveyor belt. Whenever the item passes under the magnet, metal pollutions are long of the material. Material which is streaming unreservedly can be tossed into the front side of the magnet expanding the separation result. Suspension magnet can be suspended from a voyaging streetcar with the goal that it tends to be gotten away from the conveyor to be cleaned manually.

Just it attracts in the iron particles and moved out of the magnetic region by pushers. Whenever they have left the magnetic field, the ferrous particles fall into a gathering device. Essentially it draws in the iron particles and moved out of the magnetic area by pushers.


Our suspension magnets can be installed either toward the finish of the belt over the head drum or across the conveyor belt. In the two cases, to keep away from aggravations to the magnetic field, magnetic parts should be set below the outer layer of the magnet.

The installation displayed in the main figure is best for high rates. Partition is more effective because of the direction of the face it is then "fluidized".

Our suspended magnet is ensured to remove each hint of iron from a vibratory feeder, a gravity chute or even from a transport line. Our kind of suspended magnets is prominently utilized in enterprises that work with large volumes of stone, slag, and coal, different metals, mineral and, surprisingly, plastic among many others. Eliminate all hint of defiling iron from this large number of products and even from food sources like corn, wheat, sugar and so forth.


• Cement industry
• Power industry
Mineral industry
• Ceramic industry
• Non-metallic mineral industry
• Metal industry
• Chemical industry


The suspension magnets are planned solely for expulsion of infrequent vagrant iron from material being acknowledged by conveyor belt, vibratory feeder or gravity chute. The Suspension Magnet is suspended over the material being conveyed.


Ferrous material is taken out and held other than the magnet face Typical applications for the utilization of Suspension Magnets involve the expulsion of iron from Coal, Stone, and Fertilizers, slag, gypsum, minerals and comparable materials where tainting by tramp iron is periodic. We offer accuracy designed suspension magnets that are utilized for separationof ferrous materials from minerals, food grains, recalcitrant material, colors and some more.

Whenever the suspension magnetic separator is set up, it extricates ferrous impurity material from the product stream and holds it against the essence of its magnet until it is physically cleaned. Choices to work with simplicity of cleaning, for example, discretionary swipe arms and slider plates, are accessible. These additional product aid the cleaning system by making it with the goal that operators don't need to contact the separated vagrant metal, further developing office security as well as making cleaning more straightforward.

While installing suspension magnetic separators, the magnet is suspended above gear utilizing sling chains, and it is fundamental that these chains set the magnet face at the point important for ideal extraction. All suspension magnets are fitted with a bunch of strong flexible suspension chains that are connected to suspension lugs.

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