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The absence of mechanical valves and small moving parts makes this kind of suspension impenetrable to wear. Magnetic suspension systems for the most consist of four monotone discouragement with magneto-sorption (MR) fluid, one on each wheel of the very, a sonar set and an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to control the system.

Each single one of the dampers has a piston containing two electric coils and two minimal liquid passages through the cross segment of piston. The coils are good for making a variable magnetic field comparative with the current streaming in them. The safeguard cylinders in the magnetic suspension system don't contain customary oil, but a magneto-physicochemical (MR) fluid.

Suspension magnetic fluid is manufactured hydrocarbon oil in which tiny magnetic particles (3-10 microns) are introduced. At the point when a voltage is applied to the curl in the cylinder through a heartbeat conveyed on by a control unit, an magnetic field is made which changes the magnetic particles in the magnetic liquid toward the magnetic field applied, which is cross over to the heading of stream of the liquid, in like accordingly limiting the course through the cylinder openings.

The reaction of magnetic suspension system is a lot deal quicker than conventional adaptable dampers. As it is a constantly adjusting structure, it can adjust the damping trademark to the street condition and the driver's stuff moving propensities inside piece of a second. It's helpful on dreadful street territory, but additionally in quick cornering, unexpected speed increment and slowing back. The fundamental detriments of existing systems are their moderately huge expense and the oil can thicken after persistent use and requires infrequent substitution.


The principle of interaction of electromagnets is taken as the reason for the functioning of the magnetic suspension (in hydraulics it is liquid, in atmospheric air - air, and in mechanics - elastic parts or springs). The operation of this system has the accompanying principle.

From the school course, everybody knows that similar poles of magnets commonly repel. To connect the magnetized components, you should apply enough exertion (this parameter relies upon the size of the elements to be connected and the strength of the magnetic field). Permanent magnets with such a strong field to withstand the weight of a car are hard to track down, and the dimensions of such elements won't permit them to be used in vehicles, not to mention adapt to the street circumstance.

You can likewise create a magnet with electricity. For this situation, it will only work when the actuator is energized. The strength of the magnetic field for this situation can be regulated by increasing the current on the interacting parts. Through this process, it is feasible to increase or diminishing the repulsive force, and with it the stiffness of the suspension.

Such characteristics of magnetic head make it possible to utilize them as springs and dampers. For this, the structure should necessarily have somewhere least two electromagnets. The inability to pack parts has a similar impact as an exemplary safeguard, and the repulsive power of the magnets is comparable to that of a spring or spring. Due of the combination of these properties, the electromagnetic spring responds a lot faster than mechanical counterparts, and the response time to control signals is a much shorter, as on case of hydraulics or pneumatics.


1. Introduce a bionic valve in the shock absorber that changes the section of the channel through which the oil moves from with one cavity then onto the next. For this case, you can quickly change the stiffness of the suspension: the wider extensive the bypass opening, the gentler the shock absorber works as well as the other way versa.

2. Inject a magnetic rheological liquid into the shock absorber hole, which changes its properties due of the effect of a magnetic field on it. The essence of such an modification is indistinguishable from the previous one - the working substance flows quicker or more slow starting with one chamber then onto the next.

Both two choices are already utilized in some production vehicles. The first development isn't really quick, but it is less cheaply contrasted with shock absorbers loaded up with magnetic liquid.

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