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The most typical kind of conveyor belt magnetic separator is an overband magnet, often known as a cross belt magnet. It typically uses a placed permanent magnet or electromagnet as the magnetic source and is outfitted with a basic self-discharging system made up of two pulleys, a belt, a frame, and a motor. Its straightforward design and operation make it a vital component in various sectors. Examples include the mining, recycling, aggregate, chemical, and even food industries.

Over flat or trough-style conveyors, permanent overband magnets are an option. Large permanent magnetic packs produce deeply penetrating magnetic flux fields that draw and push away steel objects that resemble "tramps."


• Suitable for all conveyable goods, including coal, wood chips, biomass, recyclables, and aggregates.
• Can be mounted above transfer conveyors, vibratory feeder outputs, etc.
• Benefits
• Continuous self-cleaning
Created to run continuously
• enables the screening of challenging items
• Eliminates large to medium-sized contaminants.

What Is The Best Overband Magnetic Separator To Use?

Overband Magnetic Separator, Electro or Permanent

We should take the following factors into account when selecting an electromagnetic or permanent magnetic overband magnet:

1. Material Thickness: Because electro overband magnets have deeper magnetic fields that penetrate deeper layers of material, they can be utilized to separate tramp iron that is at the bottom of thicker layers of material. Permanent overband magnetic separators, on the other hand, can be used to separate thicker layers of material since they have a shorter magnetic penetration depth and are ideal for thinner material layers.

2. Dimension And Weight: From a visual standpoint, contrast electromagnetic and permanent magnet types designed for belt conveyors of the same width. The permanent magnet kind is lighter and more structurally compact. The permanent magnet type is also the ideal option for a small space since it doesn't require a separate control box.

3. Cost: Compared to a permanent overband magnetic separator, the electro overband magnetic separator will be much more expensive because the excitation coil serves as its central component.

Additionally, the electromagnetic kind typically comes with a cooling system, including forced oil cooling, air cooling, and oil cooling. This adds to the expense. As a result of its higher power consumption during excitation, the electrotype obviously has higher running costs than the permanenttype.

4. Working Hours: Compared to the permanent type, the electro overband magnetic separator has a shorter continuous working duration. In contrast, the permanent type doesn't have that .

All things, however, have two sides. The benefits of the electromagnetic type are evident when, in some situations, we merely need to run the belt conveyor. Because the electromagnetic overband magnet's magnetic ON/OFF can be readily controlled, while the permanent magnet type cannot, unless we shift it somewhere else.

5. Magnetization Of The Earth: In the real test, the electromagnet type's field strength is typically greater than the permanent magnet type. The forced oil-cooled electromagnetic overband magnet's maximum magnetic field strength is 2500Gs, compared to the permanent magnet type's maximum of 1500Gs.

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