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A magnetic separator is a stainless steel construction which is installed above/in a product flow. In the food business, magnetic separators are typically installed inline, in existing pipework. As the product flows through/past the magnet, unfamiliar metal parts, for example, work-hardened stainless steel, stone, fine residue and other magnetic pieces, are attracted and held to the magnet surface. They stay here until the magnet is physically cleaned by a plant operator or goes through a programmed cleaning process.

Magnetic Separators, alongside Metal Detectors, are imperative to guaranteeing that food product is protected from foreign contamination. If a final result is defiled with metal it can prompt a food review, shopper dangers and brand name harm.


A magnetic separator comprises of an incredible magnet that is put or suspended from a roof or device. Materials can be disregarded a table top magnetic separator, while suspended magnetic separators regularly loom over a material to eliminate its contamination. Magnetic separators can likewise be cylinders through which articles pass. The material that decontaminates a magnetic separator can be as parts, a completed product or even a fluid metal. With this, a magnetic separator is portrayed by:

1. To be a phenomenal machine to separate magnetic materials from concentrates.
2. Eliminates common magnetic minerals like magnetite, just as steel filings from metal handling material and iron particles.
3. Eliminate magnetic like gold concentrates, since it allows gold to recover more without any problem.


A magnetic separator is regularly utilized for industrial purposes, for example,

1. Waste plants.
2. Chemical production plants.
3. Handling equipment, conveyor belts.
4. Liquid treatment plants.
5. Recycling.
6. Agricultural machines.


Magnetic separators are incredible, convenient and can be acclimated to eliminate different kinds of magnetic materials from a fluid or strong. They are best when utilized in a fluid, although it is additionally conceivable to eliminate strong impurities.

Magnetic separators are flexible and extraordinarily basic in design. Indeed, an essential magnetic separator can be worked whenever, utilizing just an amazing magnet like neodymium magnets and a brace to hold the material down.


The fundamental disadvantage of a magnetic separator is that it should be continually kept up. The magnetic separator ought to be washed or cleaned to eliminate gathered magnetic materials, while oil ought to be added to moving parts. On account of an electromagnetic separator, the electromagnets should have the option to be turned off whenever in the event of crisis.

For industry, the magnetic separator arrives in an alternate scope of items like magnetic drums, which are best for the constant expulsion of ferrous molecule defilement from any mass material in the dry state, just as magnetic drums with lodgings, which give great detachment in applications where there is a high convergence of metal pollution.

There are likewise magnetic pulleys, overband, magnetic plate, magnetic filters, removable magnetic grids, electromagnetic plate, magnetic protuberance and magnetic bars, among others.

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