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How Does An Magnetic Drum Separator Work?

A steady product flow is introduced with the magnetic drum separator utilizing a vibratory feeder or conveyor. The material enters the highest point of the housing and flows across the outer layer of the drum. As the drum shell rotates around the fixed magnetic field, all non-ferrous material, which is unaffected by the magnet, falls free from the magnet into the "cleaned" flow. All ferrous drifter metal is caught by the magnetic field and is clutched the drum's surface. As the drum turns, the metal is conveyed past the diverter and delivered beyond the magnetic field for collection and disposal.

Substance You Should Know About Magnetic Drum Separator

Wet drum permanent magnetic separator is appropriate for mine, coal readiness plants, and so on. It utilizes the feeble wet magnetic field to figure out major areas of strength for the metal, or killing areas of strength for the minerals mixed in nonmagnetic minerals. The magnetic separator has three types of magnetic fields, for example, upstream, downstream, and half counter-current, less 8000 Gauss. Magnetic drum separator is generally utilized in iron metal separating the factory. Magnetic drum separator is reasonable for focused energy magnetic minerals.

Magnetic Drum Separator Applications

Magnetic drum separator/wet magnetic separator is utilized for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrite, titanic iron and so on with the size something like 3mm. It is likewise frequently used to dispose of iron substance in coal, nonmetal materials, and building materials. They are: or on the other hand essential rough dressings and declined tails, increasing recuperation rate and decreasing the load of the subsequent stage grinding. For the concentration of ferromagnetic minerals expanding metal grades and recuperation rates.

Utilized before a High Magnetism Separator to remove ferromagnetic minerals from metal and prevent magnetic stopping up.
• Removing iron from non-magnetic minerals or materials.
• Recuperating iron from river and ocean sand.
• Removing iron from the wet slurry.

Technology Benefits Of Magnetic Drum Separator

Optimized computer design , rational magnetic circuit, solid magnetic coercive power and high-remanence super durable magnetic which can keep the magnet execution in a significant stretch and protect the long - term interest of the client, the entire design is reliable.

Working Principle Of Magnetic Drum Separator

Slurry enters chute through metal tank, and afterward gets into separating zone by water power. Minerals with solid magnetism are assimilated on the drum's surface under the power of magnetic field and get into the metal concentrate outlet alongside the pivot of drum. After leaving the magnetic field, they stream into metal concentrate box by the activity of gravity and flushing water. Gangue and mineral with powerless attraction are released into a line the other way of drum rotation.

Magnetic drum separator is widely utilized. We recommended to me this equipment that utilizes a feeble magnetic field to additional eliminate the magnetic substance in the quartz sand. I decide to participate with depends on the trust of its technology, combined with great after-deals administration, to give great assurance to the entire project. At this point this magnetic separation equipment has been running for a long time with low disappointment rate. it is certainly an entirely steady equipment, which assumes an indispensable part in my creation line running.

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