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Suspension Magnetic Separators are developed for separating ferrous metal from an assortment of over-the-belt transport applications. Over the years, they have shown to be the best for the expulsion of undesirable iron from significant weights of material being passed on quick belts. These machines are great for separation applications on dry or wet, coarse or fine materials in little or huge weights. Protected, sure, tramp iron evacuation ensures exorbitant handling apparatus and guarantees the virtue of the item. Once the suspension magnetic separator is set up, it removes ferrous foreign substance material from the item stream and holds it against the essence of its magnet until it is physically cleaned. They are demonstrated in ventures like recycling, mining, tire shredding, wood chip, foundry, power generation, pulp & paper, demolition and construction.


Protect indispensable handling gear from ferrous metal harm
Progress quality and item purity for elevated volume belt passed on items
Deep arriving at magnetic circuits supply predominant separation abilities
Use before a metal indicator to accomplish most extreme partition and framework execution capacities
Reclaims significant ferrous metal
Decrease product danger


The suspension magnetic separators offer ideal working proficiency with a consistent cleaning belt to keep the magnet face liberated from gathered metal. The astonishing, significant arriving at magnetic circuit pulls metal to the substance of the magnet where the cleared belt can dispense with the metal off the completion of the magnet and out of the thing stream. The minimized plan makes it ideal for use on compact size lessening gear. Other features include –

No operating cost, electrical maintenance and costly shutdowns
Trouble-free installation
Constant magnetic security
Prevailing ferrous metal separation
Numerous magnet circuit designs
Electric and hydraulic motor options
Variety of sensors available

These are made accessible in different measurements to suit the prerequisites of the clients. Ideal for utilization with different sorts of suspension frameworks, these are user-friendly devices. Their high attractive strength empowers simple and compelling expulsion of drifter iron from any sort of material. These are exceptionally sturdy as their magnetic force doesn't disappear with standard utilization.


Tramp iron elimination from a series of materials
Perfect for fitting to screening, mobile crushing and destroying machines
Confiscation of screws and nails from waste wood
Defense of essential downstream equipment in quarries and mines

The suspension magnetic separators make use of high power ceramic magnets to accomplish predominant extraction of vagrant metal from material being handled on different sorts of hardware. Contrary to electromagnetic units, these permanent suspension magnets necessitate no links or wires to function. The amazing electromagnets are intended to convey top ferrous metal partition execution. The magnetic field is great for applications that require expanded suspension statures for the magnet or that have a profound item trouble. It additionally offers ideal separation limit by eliminating gathered metal from the magnet face immediately and releasing it out of the item stream. This nonstop cleaning capacity permits the magnetic circuit to keep up with most extreme magnetic strength consistently.

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