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Over band magnetic separators - also known as magnetic separator or conveyor belts conveyor belt magnets – are used to remove automatically ferrous particles from raw materials and carry them away continuously. It rapidly and successfully isolates volumes of steel or iron and hangs over a level or box formed transport line - in line or cross belt magnet. This magnetic separator is self-cleaning and persistently draws ferro parts from a material stream. The iron elimination competence of over band magnets ranges from 70 to 90%. This relies on product flow, magnet design and placement.


A consistent and successful way for separating huge amounts of iron
Easy to install
Continuous automatic cleaning
Ferrite, neodymium or electromagnet
For belt width 400-1600 mm
Dissimilar forms for fixed or mobile installations


Both electromagnetic and permanent magnetic over band separators are available. When buying think about the following points – Material thickness - Electro over band magnet has a more profound entering attractive field, which implies it tends to be utilized to separate the drifter iron covered at the base in a thicker material layer. Nonetheless, extremely durable over band magnetic separator has a shallower magnetic infiltration profundity and is appropriate for more slender material layer, or utilized with magnetic pulley to accomplish the impact of thicker layer detachment.

Weight and dimension – As per the appearance perspective, contrast the extremely durable magnet type and electromagnetic sort tailored for a similar width belt transport. The permanent magnet type has a smaller construction and a lighter weight. Moreover, the extremely durable magnet type doesn't need an individual control cabinet, which is the most ideal decision for a restricted space.

Cost - The expense will be a lot higher than that of the super durable over band magnetic separator as the center of the electro over band magnetic separator is the excitation curl.

Besides, the electromagnetic kind is typically outfitted with a cooling system, including oil cooling, air cooling, constrained oil cooling, and so forth, which makes the expense higher. It is likewise clear that the working expense of the electro type is a lot higher than the permanent sort, since it has higher power utilization when excitation. For the programmed expulsion of ferrous defilement, permanent suspension category magnets are more reasonable.


A wide scope of over band magnetic separators is accessible for eliminating magnetic elements from industrial and household waste. They are known for their sturdy construction, long service life, easy handling rugged design and little maintenance. They are generally utilized in cement industries plastic industries, coal industries and mining industries. Planned utilizing high grade materials and quality tried parts sourced from reliable sellers; these are profoundly strong and can deal with high volume item stream flows. They are accessible in customized specialized particulars at reasonable costs in the market.

Due to the high level production methods and quality control frameworks, over band magnetic separators boast of improved rigidness and higher strength. Designed to exactness, they create a long magnetic field which helps attract the impurities powerfully.

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