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Overband Magnets are designed to lift and automatically eliminate ferrous metal from conveyed on material. Super durable Overband Magnet designs are regularly found on mobile gear like crushers, screens and shredders utilized in quarries and recycling tasks.

Overband magnets: Overband magnetic separators - likewise called conveyor line magnets or magnetic separator conveyor lines - eliminate ferrous particles from unrefined materials and divert them automatically and consistently. A dependable and effective strategy for separating a lot of iron.

An Overband magnetic separator is a device that utilizes a magnet to remove contaminations and other magnetic materials from metal. Magnetic overband separators can be utilized previously, during and after the production of a material and can be adjusted in accordance attract draw in various kinds of magnetic materials at various intensity levels.

Overband magnets are suspended over conveyors to separate troublesome tramp ferrous metal; they are available as long-lasting and electromagnetic designs. Recent interest in manufacturing techniques and magnet technology bring empowered us to the table for the most comprehensive scope of overband magnets with the most significant levels of performance.


Ovrband Magnets are found in most material taking care of plants while operating with operating the accurately measured and positioned Overband Magnet will eliminate disruptive tramp ferrous metal to prevent damages to other processing equipment like smashers, screens, shredders, conveyors, and so forth Regular establishments include.

• Mobile smashers, screens and shredders
• Three particular model types of permanent overband magnet separators
• Three profound field model types of electro overband magnets separators
• Compact and lightweight permanent durable and electro overband magnets separators
• Range of overband magnets seperators accessible now from stock
• Material Recovery Facility and pre-arranged reject plants
• Municipal strong waste plants
• Quarries
• Mining options
• Mass handling care of terminals
• Wood squander processing plants
• Fragmentise plants for shredded vehicles
• Cullet (squashed glass) recycling plants
• Industrial avoid squander recycling operations
• Foundries
• Works


The Cross Belt Overband Magnet is one the most commonly utilized Magnetic Separator. The Cross Belt Overband Magnet is one the most commonly utilized Magnetic Separator. The simple design of two pulleys hill on a frame with a magnetic block in the centre has been manufactured for a really decades. As the name suggests, the Overband Magnet separator is above over a conveyor, either over the head pulley, or more, regularly commonly the belt.

Unfortunately, the separation execution is regularly more unfortunate than expected basically in because of the fact that establishment isn't right. The following are 3 common installation gives that can be easily remedied to work fair and square of separation:


Each Cross Belt Overband Magnet will be designed to work at a specific tallness over the conveyor. To accommodate a periodic surge of material, the Overband Magnet can be temporarily raised and afterward, as the attractive field is further away from the conveyor line, the separation performance falls. Frequently, when the Overband Magnet is raised it isn't then, at that point, lowered down to the first position resulting about a ongoing helpless separation performance. On the off chance that floods are common, a bigger Cross Belt Overband Magnet suspended at a higher height might be the solution;


This can occur from the very beginning, with the Cross Belt Overband Magnet not being wide enough for the conveyor width or when the Overband Magnet has been relocated inside a plant. This results in conveyer being lifted out of the conveyer and afterward dropped back onto the conveyor as the magnetic square isn't adequately wide to move and release the metal outside of the belt and framework. The main only solution is often to put resources into a wider Magnet;


Many Cross Belt Overband Magnets have a single post in the centre point of the magnet block. The maximum degree of attraction and separation is achieved straightforwardly under this centre line. Regularly, and especially when the Cross Belt Overband Magnet is excessively thin for the conveyor line, the middle line is situated aside of the conveyor closer the space of discharge. In however any case, this means that it is likely that any ferrous metal on the opposite side of the conveyor will be separated as the magnetic field is significantly lower. This isn't such an issue with the Bunting design of Cross Belt Overband Magnet as they are totally designed with two magnetic posts instead than only one.

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