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Magnetic Separation is perhaps the most widely recognized and significant actual detachment methods and there are numerous assortments of magnetic partition equipment accessible. The fundamental idea of a Magnetic Separation is that attractively helpless particles or bodies are isolated from non-magnetic particles. Nonetheless, the straightforwardness stops there. To empower various degrees of partition from wide reach materials, there is a broad range of various Magnetic Separator designs.


Magnetic separation equipment of different types is currently generally utilized in cultivating and reusing plants either to eliminate metallic things to work on the virtue in the food or to isolate things with the goal that they can be reprocessed. The magnetic separator industry chips away at various plan designs, yet the rule is consistently something similar – to use the force of magnetism to isolate ferrous and non-ferrous material. Customarily, this has been accomplished by utilizing solid neodymium magnets however ferrite magnets are likewise utilized in some magnetic separation equipment. As of late, notwithstanding, new improvements have come about which imply that the fate of the metal separator looks blushing. For what reason is this and what will the up and coming age of separation equipment offer industry?


The most recent age of magnetic separation plant is currently presenting a higher degree of magnets that eliminate minuscule metal particles more successfully than any other time. Undoubtedly, it is currently conceivable to eliminate ferrous particles that are under 30 µm in size implying that metallic powders can be isolated without precedent for a dependable way. This is probably going to be useful in a wide range of utilizations including the food creation, chemical manufacturing and the ceramic area.

There are two rule explanations behind the improvement in the development products offered by an average magnetic separator manufacturer today. The first is the very high Gauss esteems that are incorporated into the current magnet themselves. Separation equipment requires exceptionally solid magnets and the business have pursued ever more noteworthy numbers in such manner. Numerous separators that are presently in activity have been worked with magnets and stainless steel tubes which can reach anyplace between 8,000 to 12,000 Gauss. This comprises an extremely amazing magnetic power as of now, yet the up and coming age of equipment going ahead line in the following not many years is relied upon to surpass this with figures of around 13,000 Gauss, in any case.

Various magnetic separator engineers have additionally utilized new estimation methods. Counting the lab recreation of magnetic fields, these new strategies – presently the industry standard – have over and over shown that higher partition yields can be accomplished with further developed magnet advances. Assuming the displayed results are to be rehashed in model equipment, the up and coming age of separators are probably going to fundamentally beat whatever is right now available.

The second explanation that manufacturers are expecting the up and coming age of magnetic separator equipment to be significantly better is a direct result of a change in the manner their bars are planned. This is on the grounds that thicker bars are presently viewed as more productive than more slender ones. Numerous product designers have moved over to utilizing somewhat thicker bars since they have been displayed to stay in touch with any magnetic particles they distinguish for a more drawn out timeframe.

Clearly, drawing in ferrous particles all the more successfully is helpful; however another vital benefit is that it implies that a decreased tallness for the magnet in general can be accomplished. Accordingly, the equipment will occupy less room and a solitary column of bars can be utilized, bringing about further developed product flow. This is considered by numerous individuals in the business to be particularly advantageous with regards to eliminating little particles the size of powders which are by and large inadequately flowing materials.

With so much going on with magnetic separation equipment, why not reach out to VIBROMAG INDUSTRIES to study how improvements in the business can be of advantage?


Drum Magnetic Separation
Cross-belt Magnetic Separation
Roll Magnetic Separation
High-gradient Magnetic Separation (HGMS)
High-intensity magnetic separation (HIMS)
Low-intensity magnetic separation (LIMS)


Magnetic Separation is applied generally where materials are being handled. Typical applications include:

Mineral Processing
Ceramics Processing
Mining Processing
Food Production

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