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VIBROMAG Industries is an accepted brand name in the industrial market as a main producer and supplier of Magnetic Roller Separator to our significantly respected clients. These offered magnetic roll separator is having a smaller plan and it is great for Para attractive atom, further step by step magnetic particles detachment from non magnetic feed.

These magnetic roll separators involve two rolls, one of which is magnetic. The production line used between the two rollers passes on the mineral into the attractive field. Other than the advancement of the belt is obliged by a motor fixed to one of the rolls. The material to be taken care of is given to the belt by vibrating feeder at a vital rate.

The rotational speed of rolls can be changed by the material properties. With the guide of our certain circulation organization, we are capable to deliver a specific group of Magnetic Roller Separator for our respected supporters. We are producing wide range of magnetic separator, using stunning lasting magnets and greetings tech innovation.

These magnetic separators are comprehensively used for disposing of magnetic parts from the movement of raw material through the conveyor belt underway line. Known for its ideal show and intense development, this Magnetic Roller Separator is fitted over the vibratory feeders or conveyor belts. Magnetic Roller Separator capably disposes of miniature iron or Para-magnetic material from ceramic and mineral raw material.


These Magnetic Rollers are surprisingly arranged with designs of fitting material sizes and its magnetic properties. The Magnetic Roller Separators have been going through the belt which the material is running, is made of various materials with various thickness to suit persuading beneficiation regarding segregating minerals and metals.

With the consistently growing interest for high-perfection feedstock's used in assembling, Vibromag Industries offers its Dry High Intensity Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separators. These give greatest noteworthy adequacy in the parcel of fragile attractive particles for thing cleaning applications.

Vibromag Industries applied refined restricted segment assessment in appealing circuit design to make a without energy separator fit for creating the phenomenally high field-characteristics expected to wipe out bothersome fine iron impurities. Magnetic cleaning has been applied to the most central industry foundations like industrial minerals, metals reusing, glass cluster and cullet, abrasives and unmanageable, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plastics.


These offered Magnetic Roller Separators are done of magnets made of uncommon earth components that are on the whole the more remarkable when stood out from various magnets.

The Magnetic rolls participated in our machines have been remarkably planned and made to create astoundingly high magnetic field and slope. Our offered magnets make high fascination powers on the magnetic roll separator in light of their properties and explicit magnetic series.


• Abrasive and hard-headed
• Raw materials cleaning
• Magnetite beneficiation
• Bauxite cleaning
• Feldspar cleaning
• Bauxite Upgrading
• Iron mineral/metal beneficiations
• Diamond Jewel beneficiations

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A magnetic separator is a piece of equipment used to separate unwanted metal contamination from processing lines.

Magnetic separators are utilized in food and pharmaceutical applications. They are installed in different areas all through the processing plants – from the second a product is acquainted with the production line, during processing, and all through the whole process line including packing.

As the products/ingredients go through the magnetic separator, metal pieces, for example, work-hardened stainless steel, stone, fine residue and other magnetic unfamiliar contaminates are drawn to the magnet component. These are held on the magnet until cleaned by operators. Self-cleaning separators are likewise available which empower gathered magnetic to be cleaned consequently without the requirement for operators to physically clean them.

Magnetic separators are ideal for some, unique installation focuses on gravity, free-fall, pneumatic, pumped or conveyor feed preparing lines. Either at raw materials intake to check incoming ingredients, mid-production at HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) focuses or ensuring completed product toward the finish of the process on bulk discharge.

Typical installation focuses include gravity-took care of chutes, pre and post filtering, bulk tanker discharge, ingredient sieving, pre and post blenders, vacuum or pneumatically lines, grain tips, sack rip and tip stations, above or below transfer conveyors or vibratory feeders.

Magnetic separator can likewise be utilized in electromagnetic cranes that different attractive material from scraps and unwanted substances. This clarifies its utilization for shipment types of equipment and waste management. Unwanted metals can be taken out from merchandise or goods with this procedure. It keeps all materials pure. Recycling focuses utilize magnetic separator frequently to separate components from reusing, isolate metals, and cleanse ores. Overhead magnets, magnetic pulleys, and the magnetic drums were the techniques utilized in the reusing industry.

Magnetic separator is likewise valuable in mining iron as it is attracted to a magnet.

Another application, not generally known however vital, is to utilize magnets in process industries to eliminate metal impurities from product streams. This takes a ton of importance in food or pharmaceutical industries.

Magnetic separator is additionally utilized in circumstances where pollution should be controlled, in chemical processing, just as during the benefaction of nonferrous poor quality ores.

Magnetic separator is additionally utilized in the following industries: dairy, grain and milling, plastics, food, chemical, oils, textile material, and that's just the beginning.

Magnetic separator is utilized in numerous industries – including (yet not restricted to) mining, reusing, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, minerals and carbon.

They are particularly focused on servicing the food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical industries. This focus permits us to provide a high level of expertise and innovation in sanitary developments, on the side of the requirements of HACCP, USDA, BRC, FSMA, and other such regulatory bodies.

Within these industries magnetic separators are installed in a wide range of products – including (however not restricted to):

Pet food
Cake blends
Dry products
Wet products
Raw products
Meat meal
Newborn child formulas

The list will continues forever!

Magnetic separators get whatever is magnetic or work-hardened, provided that the weight or size of the section doesn't exceed its magnetic susceptibility.

Some examples of foreign pieces that are regularly removed by magnetic separators include:

Nuts, bolts, screws, staples, and different pieces from damaged machinery
Wire from the field
Magnetic stone
Drenching capsule springs from animals
Magnetic dust and fine sections
Small weakly magnetic stone
Work-hardened and machine fatigued stainless steel parts

Magnetic roll separators are designed to increase in general cycle productivity in dry separation applications.

Magnetic roll separators are designed to remove enormous and small iron impurities from material processing lines in the most efficient manner!

This range of magnetic roll separators is ideal for the purification or grouping of dry granular materials, appropriate for particle sizes going from 75 microns to 10 millimeters.

Magnetic roll separators highlight high-intensity rare earth permanent magnets, giving up to 12 000 gauss magnetic power.

Recover fine magnetic particles
Adaptable magnetic recovery alternatives available
Different pass systems take into account little footprint
Individual roll speed change and ongoing rate checking permits optimization control
Dust extraction viable to permit safe and harmless to the ecosystem activity

In extreme focus magnetic roll separator, a short conveyor belt envelopes the magnetic roll and a tensioning ideal roll. An appropriate feeder discharges materials on the belt. The ferromagnetic and paramagnetic particles hold fast to the belt while the nonmagnetic particles flow freely off toward the finish of the conveyor.


Magnetic Roll Separators is available in various diameter and widths up to 2000mm.
Vibratory feeder provided with top quality unbalanced vibratory motors engines.
An Abrasion resistant endless conveyor belt with a thickness is provided for the machine.

Magnetic Roll Separator is used for Cleaning and Processing for different kinds of Grains:

Rice Cleaning
Wheat Cleaning
Corn Cleaning
Pulses Cleaning Spices
Cleaning Seed Cleaning
Semolina Cleaning
Chilly Flakes
Sesame Cleaning
Cumin Cleaning
Fennel Seed Cleaning